Safe and healthy conditions while using cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing products.

For greater respect for the environment and for everyone’s health.


Si-Mart is a family-owned company that first made its mark in the agricultural sector by positioning itself as an industry leader in animal comfort, particularly for dairy cows.

Over the years, the company diversified itself and went into the production of maintenance products. Today Si-Mart offers a complete line of cleaning products, a degreaser and a sanitizer.


Our Mission

Si-Mart aims to improve the conditions around the use of maintenance products, notably by offering workers, farmers and people at home with effective and natural solutions that don’t risk their health or that of those around them.

The company also endeavours to protect the environment by developing products that are non-corrosive, biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.


Our Difference

Si-Mart cares for the environment as well as the safety and satisfaction of people that use its products. That’s why the company directs its development towards natural solutions… that work!

The use of nanotechnology and quartz in the formulation of maintenance products is the company’s most distinctive aspect. Si-Mart chooses tried and tested processes to offer products that meet the needs of its customers. With their own distinct particularities, nanotechnology and quartz safeguard the surfaces being cleaned.

In the future Si-Mart plans to continue its momentum by focusing on these processes that greatly contribute to the efficiency of maintenance products marketed to farmers, workers and people at home.