All-purpose degreaser, bactericide, fungicide and germicide.


Cleans anything!

Bio-Extrak is tough on dirt and grime. It replaces and surpasses the cleaning products you’re used to using, while being 100% natural and biodegradable. This all-purpose degreaser is a bactericide, a fungicide and a germicide. Yes, it destroys bacteria, eliminates fungus and kills germs!

A versatile product

Here are all the possible uses for Bio-Extrak. To learn the details regarding levels of dilution, consult the instructions.

Available in four formats

Complete Package

Perfect 4-in-1 format to start using Bio-Extrak! The kit contains a bottle of concentrate, as well as ready-to-use dilutions 2, 3 and 4. Two removable swabs as well as a dropper are also included in the kit.

1 Litre
Ideal format, ready-to-use according to the instructions for Dilution 1 – Concentrate.
3,8 Litres
Bio-Extrak concentrate for immediate use according to the instructions of Dilution 1 – Concentrate or to make dilutions in proportion to the desired use and according to the instructions.
10 Litres
Bio-Extrak concentrate for use according to the recommendations of Dilution 1 – Concentrated. Efficient format for big maintenance jobs and to dilute the product according to the directions on the instruction sheet.

To maximize the usage of Bio-Extrak, it is important to consult the instruction sheet to adequately dilute the product in proportion to the work to be done.

produit-icone-truc-triad Suggested retail price

1 litre: $14.95
3.8 litres: $34.95
10 litres: $54.95
Complete Package (bottle of concentrate, ready-to-use dilutions 2, 3 and 4, two removable swabs and a dropper): $29.95