Designed to sanitize your facilities in complete safety.


Sanitize your installations!

Bio-Mart is a concentrated sanitizing agent that contains no animal fats, no ammonia, no caustics, no phosphates, no acids, no chlorine. Its fast action eliminates dirt and grime. It acts as a bactericide, a fungicide, a germicide and a virucide. Bio-Mart is also biodegradable, non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly, just like the full line of Si-Mart products.

Available in two formats

3,8 litres
Bio-Mart concentrate for direct use according to instructions.
10 litres
Bio-Mart concentrate to disinfect industrial and agricultural installations. Use according to the instructions on the label.

For proper use of Bio-Mart, it is important to read the product label.

produit-icone-truc-triad Suggested retail price

3.8 litres: $49.95
10 litres: $119.95